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Anaesthesia is one of the most crucial components of veterinary medicine and surgery, and as such one of the areas we take very seriously at Larkhill Small Animal Hospital. We only use the safest anaesthetic protocols and agents on our patients and strive to provide the safest regimes to facilitate pain free surgery and recovery.

ALL our anaesthetics are monitored by a dedicated ,fully trained and experienced anaesthetic technician, and all animals under anaesthesia are connected to anaesthetic monitors measuring heart rate, ECG, O2 levels and blood pressure, so the safest possible anaesthesia is provided at all times.

Routine pre anaesthetic blood blood screening is available if needed and intravenous fluids during anaesthesia and surgery are also routinely used. We also provide routinely a wide range of appropriate pain relief and analgesia to our patients to facilitate a pain free recovery as possible.

We routinely and safely anaesthetize all ages of cats and dogs from neonates right through to the odd 23-24 year old cats!

We also have veterinarians on staff that are very experienced in the anaesthesia of both exotics(birds,rabbits, reptiles) and various Australian wildlife if needed.

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