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Your pets dental hygiene(just like your own!), is very important to their ongoing health.Whether your pet has bad breath, dental disease, retained teeth, or whether you just want to do the best by maintaining their oral health, our practice is very well equipped to cater to their general dental needs.

Services available include:

  • iM3 Ultrasonic dental machine for scaling and polishing of teeth
  • human dental air driven high and low speed hand pieces
  • purpose designed sterile dental instruments catering for both small and large pets and also exotics
  • digital radiology
  • pain medication and local anaesthesia
  • high end patient and anaesthetic monitoring
  • prophylactic cleaning
  • general oral surgery including extractions
  • preventative dental management including; tooth brushes,animal tooth pastes,dental rinses, plaque off and prescription diets, i.e. Hills T/d diet
  • dental examinations and treatment plans

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