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After Hours Emergency Services WAVES

Emergency Number: 08 9412 5700

After Hours Emergency Services WAVES

Larkhill Small Animal Hospital has always strived to provide the best and highest quality care for all our patients, your pets.

Due to this, outside of our normal clinic hours, for any after hours emergencies, we utilize the services of a dedicated, highly professional afterhours centre.

This is the Western Australian Veterinary Emergency Services (WAVES).

They are a highly professional, dedicated 24hour/7day emergency hospital that is staffed by highly qualified Veterinarians and nurses that provide a standard of care that we at Larkhill are very happy with. They also have dedicated radiology, ultrasonography, medical and surgical specialists on staff, to provide a continuing high standard of care for your pets.

What this does is allow patients to see highly qualified, experienced emergency clinicians in facilities that offer 24-hour care and monitoring with full veterinary and nursing staff after hours. So if very sick pets require 10-15 minute monitoring, they will get that intensive care all night if necessary. They also have immediate access to in house laboratory, radiology, ultrasound, veterinary specialist, and also emergency surgery if needed.

The most important aspect of this after hours service is that success and survival rates in the more serious emergencies have risen dramatically.

As soon as the patients are stabilized, and if they require ongoing treatments, we generally have them transferred back to your regular vets at Larkhill as soon as possible.

WAVES is situated 22 minutes from Larkhill (door to door), on Beeliar Road in Cockburn just north up the freeway.

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