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Greyhound Adoption

Larkhill Small Animal Hospital is proud to be working in conjunction with both Toni Donnelly of GreyHound Adoptions of WA (GHAWA), which is one of the states largest post racing adoption agencies, as well as Melita Shonis of GreyHound Angels.

These dedicated group of volunteers, do an absolutely amazing job of rescuing large numbers of post racing or retired greyhounds, then fostering them for a short period of time, before placing them in permanent pet homes.

We see the dogs as soon as they are rescued for a full veterinary exam and check, followed by sterilization, vaccination, microchipping and they all have their teeth scaled and polished prior to rehoming.

Greyhounds (besides being VERY fast!), tend to be beautifully placid pets, which slot into new homes extremely well. They are generally very well trained, placid, obedient, and the biggest problems new owners tend to have is trying to get them off the couches!

For any further information on adopting one of theses lovely dogs please follow the link to either or or alternatively contact the girls at the clinic.

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