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Digital Radiology

Digital radiology is a relatively new technology which has been employing at Larkhill Vets since 2009. We have 2 digital machines in use, both a CR system and a DR system. Digital radiology has revolutionized radiology world wide, not only as it removes all the hazardous chemicals associated with old school x-ray development, but more importantly it enables immediate imaging of the patients and the ability of the veterinarians to change the contrast, magnification etc of the image to vastly increase the ability to make a more accurate diagnosis.

It also gives us the ability, if needed, to email images to any radiographic specialist in the world for feed back on unusual or difficult cases. This is obvious a bonus to the well being and treatment of our patients. An added bonus is the ability to give the owners, if requested, a copy of their pets radiographs, free of charge, for their own perusal at home.

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