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Surgery - soft tissue and orthopaedic

Soft tissue

Soft tissue surgery essentially encompasses all the non bone (orthopaedic) surgery. At Larkhill Vets our team of experienced surgeons perform all kinds of soft tissue surgery from the simplest of small lacerations, desexings and growth removals, right through to complex abdominal and thoracic surgery. This list includes ( but is in no means complete!), abdominal tumours, foreign bodies, severe motor vechile trauma , Gastric dilatation and torsions,bladder and kidney surgery and all forms of reproductive surgery especially caesarians. Surgery


Orthopaedics in the simplest of terms is the surgery of bones and its associate structures, i.e. tendons and ligaments.All our senior veterinarians at Larkhill have a special interest in orthopaedics and are very experienced in both the diagnosis and treatment of the orthopaedic conditions we see.

The hospital carries a large selection of highly specialized orthopaedic surgical equipment and implants to facilitate successful surgery. We routinely do surgery on various fractures, amputations, luxating patella surgeries, cruciate surgery, oro-facial orthopaedics, elbow, shoulder and hip surgeries.

We also work in close association with a number of specialist orthopaedic surgeons around Perth, so on a referral basis are able to offer high end specialist surgery for spinal cases, and extremely complex orthopaedics, including joint replacements if needed.

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